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Road Repair Services

At Roadtek, Inc. we specialize in repairing gravel roads. This includes:

Road Repair, Stabilization & Construction Cle Elum, WA | Roadtek, Inc.

  • Gravel - ensuring proper size & type of rock in adequate depths and compaction
  • Grade - for crown & slope
  • Repairing potholes & washboards
  • Compacting - for longevity & smoother road surfaces
  • Road surface stabilization

Road Surface Stabilization

Dirt and gravel roads require routine grading and graveling. When it’s dry, untreated gravel roads get dusty. When it’s wet, they get muddy and potholes begin to form. Before long, grading and gravel are needed again.


Is there a reasonable solution?

Yes, road surface stabilization is the process of constructing the surface so it will hold its shape, minimizing the issues that cause potholes, dust and mud. The process requires building the road so the surface is stronger, drains away any water, and is sealed so water does not soak into the road. It must be understood that no process is perfect, and every road surface needs periodic repair. It is possible to build a road surface at a reasonable cost that will last longer and have lower maintenance cost.

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Here's how we build a solid road surface:

Step 1: Starting with a good base. Proper size and type of rock in adequate depths and compaction are essential to assure that the substructure is solid. Any low spots need to be rebuilt to raise the bed above the rainy season water table. Proper grading must drain the roadbed so the substructure remains firm.

Step 2: The surface material should consist of a mix of gravel and dirt, properly graded to drain away water. Normally, 5/8” minus material is used and graded for slope and crown.

Step 3: The top 2-3 inches should be heavily dampened and then rolled and compacted into a hardened surface. This helps smooth the surface and embeds the rock into the dirt. This process used in conjunction with one of our dust control products will help bind the material together to make a more stable and stronger surface.

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